Part-time job opportunities while studying at Queens University

Considering the current economic situation, it is crucial for the graduates to prepare themselves to enter the workplace with essential employability skills that help them to compete and stand out in the job market. This is the reason why Queen’s University provides myriads of part-time job opportunities to increase the employability skills of its students during their study.Queen’s University undergraduate programs helps the students to gain better job opportunities.

Work Study

The Queen’s runs a Work Study program which is designed to help those students who have asked for financial assistance and have applied for a part-time job on campus. The university considers the Part-time students eligible for Work Study. All the program related details are given on the university’s website.

Work Study Program

The Student Awards Office and Career Services jointly offer a Work Study Program which is funded by the Queen’s University. The main objective of the program is to provide an opportunity for the students with financial need to get a part-time job during their academic terms to pay the fees and complete their study while building their employability skills.

Students could start working only when a signed contract has been issued by the Career Services and returned to the employer.

Social Insurance Number

Social Insurance Number is mandatory for the students who want to work on campus in the Work Study Program. International Students are not allowed to apply for SIN until they are hired by a Work Study employer.

  • Queen’s University International Center website has all the information related to SIN number
  • The office of Service Canada is located at 1300 Bath Road in the Frontenac Mall

Steps to Find a Job

Queen’s students can apply online for the job by simply following the steps mentioned below:

  • Use your net id to log in to MyCareer
  • Look for job postings under the Work Study module
  • Check all the options that interest you
  • Consider the application steps and instructions mentioned for each job
  • Wait for two weeks, until you heard back from the employer, to follow up
  • In case you don’t find any interesting job posting, start your own search
  • Reach out to faculty, staff, concerned department and inform them about your Work Study entitlement
  • Students can take the help of local non-profit organizations.

Money Matters

During vacation students are paid $14.60 per hour, vacation pays inclusive. Those who have received Student Awards entitlement can only apply for the Work Study subsidy.

Entitlement Breakdown

Divide your entitlement on an hourly rate:

  • $3,000 205
  • $2,000 136
  • $1,500 102
  • $1,000 68
  • $750 51

How to apply for student vacancies on campus and what all the on-campus Jobs offer to the students?

On-campus Job offers the opportunity for the students of the Queen’s University to work on their employability skills through their on-campus work experience as a part-time employee and one-year placement experience.

The Queen’s believes that students should get the opportunity to learn and demonstrate the employability skills they have learned through their academic programs and high-quality extra-curricular activities. The employability skills include professional attributes, intellectual and cognitive skills, business and marketing skills, and technical skills.

Financial Assistance for Part-Time Students

The university provides financial assistance to the students based on their enrolment status. To determine the enrolment status the university has a Student Awards Office in the campus. Part-time students for the Federal and Ontario government program take less than 60% course load. Permanent Canadian residents who have low income and are registered as a part-time student in the University are eligible for Part-time OSAP. To get the benefit of OSAP students must stay in Ontario during their studies.

IFSB (Institution Funded Bursary Application)
The university supports its financially weak students who are enrolled in a part-time program, because of their family responsibilities or other personal hurdles. Such students are eligible to apply for the Institution Funded Special Bursary. The eligibility requirement for the program:

  • Candidate must be enrolled as a part-time student in a leading degree or diploma program
  • Permanent resident of Canada

Application Deadline:

  • Up to 20 weeks long study period: 6 weeks before the end of the study period.
  • 21 weeks or longer study period: 60 days prior to the end of the study period.