Pandigai Music Director R.H Vikram Press Release

Music composer R H Vikram, who hit the right notes in RANGOON and got very good response from the public and movie critics is all excited about his next release PANDIGAI, which is set to release on July 14th. This action thriller stars Krishna and Anandhi in the lead roles. PANDIGAI is directed by Feroz and produced by Vijayalakshmi Feroz. Speaking about PANDIGAI, R H Vikram said, ” I became friends with Feroz through a common friend, few years ago and we hit the right wavelength from the beginning itself. He was very particular of having only 3 songs in this movie as per the demand of the script. We were very particular in making the three songs different and unique from one another.

The first song of the movie is a ‘ Gangstarap ‘ which will set the mood of the film very clear. It is composed in a narrative style from hero , villian and audience point of view. The very first tune i composed for this situation itself got okayed by the director. This song will reflect the theme and mood of the movie.

The second song is an unusual love track. This is a duet sung by one male singer alone !!! Karthik has sung this number. It is like the hero and his inner self contradicting each other about love . So we came up with the idea of karthik singing in his usual style for the hero and modulating in a totally different manner for the hero’s inner self portions. Every one who listentened to the final out could not find out that it was Karthik who has sung in two different ways. They thought we have used two different singers !!! Karthik has done such a brilliant job.

The third song is a peppy ‘Celebration item song’. Nikhita Gandhi, Premji and Venkat Prabhu have given bundles of energy to this song through their singing. This is very sensuous song.

I must say that the re recording for PANDIGAI was so interesting and challenging as the concept of ‘illegal underground fighting’ has not been taken up in Tamil cinema so far. For the 4 fights we have in the movie I was very particular in giving each one a different mood and feel through music. For me visuals that are shown to me for re recording are the only reference that genuinely inspires me. Every camera angle, every visual tone and colour, of the shot footage, plays a huge part in bringing the music out of me. I am very happy that the songs and the background score has come out so well for PANDIGAI and really hope and pray the audience will love our team’s work “.