Padikkaatha Pakkaangal Movie Review

Commercial films have long addressed serious issues, and this one, with its contemporary twists, continues the tradition. Yashika Annandh brings charisma and energy to her role, while Prajin makes a stylish and timely appearance as a modern cop, complete with a fashionable beard, and also plays the love interest of the leading lady.

The story revolves around a spoiled brat, the son of a powerful politician who can exert influence even over high-ranking police officers. This young man and his gang take advantage of their power, exploiting women in the process. Among their victims is the sister of Yashika Annandh’s character, who decides to take matters into her own hands and seeks justice.

Prajin’s dual role as both the heroine’s lover and a dedicated cop adds depth to the narrative as he works to bring the criminals to justice. His character’s determination and integrity stand out as he navigates the challenges posed by the antagonists.

The film is not just an action-packed drama but also serves as a critique of those who exploit women. It highlights the strength and resilience of women who fight back against oppression and abuse. Jassie Gift’s music, while not groundbreaking, complements the film’s tone and enhances its emotional impact.

In summary, this film offers an engaging blend of contemporary issues, romance, and action. It shines light on the exploitation of women while celebrating their courage and tenacity. The dynamic performances by Yashika Annandh and Prajin, along with a compelling storyline, make it a noteworthy addition to the genre.

Cast:-Prajan Yashika annandh Muthukumar George marian – Aadhanga Balaji -Dharrshiny

Director:-Selvam Mathappan