Padavettu movie review


Nivin Pauly is an unemployed youth who lives in the shadow of his young aunt.

He looks forward to a promising future, but he becomes very lazy because of his boredom.

However, there is actually a backstory on why Nivin became like this.

A political party takes advantage of his lack of initiative during a crucial situation.

What is it and what happens next forms the rest of the story.


Director Liju Krishnan takes the first part to introduce the character of Nivin Pauly and the reason behind his present condition.

He does a neat job of establishing the main character making people easily relate to him.

Liju Krishnan relies heavily on the visual narration which has worked out well.

Nivin Pauly portrays his characters effectively with his attitude and appearance. He convey the emotions that the character goes through even without dialogues.

He manages to hold the audience with his amazing screen presence.

Shammi Thilakan gives an outstanding performance.

Rest of the cast support the lead character and deliver impressive performances.

Govind Vasantha’s music is one of the major strengths of the movie. Deepak Menon’s camerawork is rich and beautiful.

Rating: 3.3/5