Paavam Ganesan – New mega serial launched on STAR VIJAY

PAAVAM GANESAN                         

New Mega-serial       Mon – Fri 6.30 PM

STAR VIJAY’s mega-serial PAAVAM GANESAN was launched on 04 January 2021.  It is a much-known fact that Star Vijay has always been pioneer in introducing new shows and serials.  ‘Paavam Ganesan’is one of that category in mega-serials format which has a unique storyline in comedy cum family drama genre.  This serial is a complete entertainer which is sure to fascinate the viewers of Tamilnadu.

‘Paavam Ganesan’ is a story about an honest young man who is so innocent and naïve by nature.  His name is Ganesan so the neighborhood calls him ‘paavam’ Ganesan as people manipulate his innocence.   He is indeed hard-working and optimistic person; tries to help and love everyone unconditionally.  Fortunately, or unfortunately he is the bread-winner of the family who strive hard to manage the family responsibilities.  Will he be able to secure the future of his family while sacrificing so much and will he be able to live his life as an individual form the rest of the story.

Ganesan character is played by KPY Naveen.  Naveen participated in Star Vijay’s most popular show titled Kalakkapovathu Yaaru season 5 and he was one of the prominent and promising mimicry artiste of the season.

‘Paavam Ganesan’ airs every Monday to Friday at 6.30 pm.  The casting includes KPY Naveen Muralidhar, Anila, Nethran and many others.

Lakshmi, Sivarajan