Oviya's sudden surprise to fans

Oviya’s sudden surprise to fans

After a long gap, Oviya of Bigg Boss fame has finally tweeted after her controversial exit from the reality show.

“At a loss for words, to describe the love & care from each one of you.. I feel blessed, thankful & to be more responsible for all ur love”, posted Oviya.

Within hours, the post has received over 8,000 comments, and 14,0000 re-tweets and about 49,000 likes. It is just an example of her newly found worldwide popularity, thanks to the reality show.

The affection the actor won on the show with her forthright and assertive attitude has clearly not dissipated after she abruptly stepped out of the limelight with complaints about her mental health.

Oviya has been spotted in a stylish makeover some time after the actress walked out of Bigg Boss and then appeared in a video as well.

Oviya also made it clear that unlike other Bigg Boss contestants, she has no plans to go back and participate in the reality show again.