Oviya’s new tattoo stuns all

Oviya Helen has a got a new tattoo of a snake on her left ankle. Interestingly, the tattoo is of a snake wrapped around her ankle and it goes the full circle and had the snake eating into itself.

Oviya has shared a video of her new tattoo which is intriguing to say the least.  She has a snake coiled around her ankle and has captioned it “My little Monster”.

Her followers are reading into the tattoo in opposing ways while some see the fun element others are commenting negatively.  Hope Oviya opens up about why she chose this particular tattoo.

The meaning of the snake tattoo is very intricate and complex. For the Egyptians the snake was the symbol of power and protection and it is believed that a person wearing a snake figure would be protected at all times.

For the Jews and Christians the snake represents the evil, lust and also temptation. In the modern world the snake is also a symbol of health, but due to its venom a symbol of death as well.

The ‘Bigg Boss’ season is nearing and who can forget the biggest star of the show ever Oviya who became the darling of the masses during the first season,  Her carefree and straightforward attitude, a childlike innocence during tasks and of course the romance with Aarav all contributed to the success of the show.