Oviya’s 90ML teaser shocks many

The trailer of Oviya’s 90ML as released to mixed response on social media, thanks to its explicit content. The trailer has invited a lot of trolls who have bashed the former Bigg Boss contestant for acting in an adult movie.

90ML trailer is bold in so many ways in terms of content. It has many double entendre dialogues, intimate and steamy shots of the lead actresses making out with their male counterparts.

As is the tradition in adult films in Tamil cinema, there’s plenty of drinking and double entendre dialogues, with references to oral sex and breasts.

However, considering that these lines are mouthed by women expressing their sexual desires openly, the “culture” brigade on social media has slammed the film as “crude” and “unsuitable”.

The trailer opens with the line – only for adults. We meet Oviya, who introduces herself to a leader of a gang as someone who has seen the Bigg Boss house and she’s fearless. This is followed by fleeting shots of Oviya smoking, women mixing their drinks and stripping.

Cut to the next shot, we see Oviya asking her friends to share with her their sexual encounters. As the trailer progresses, we see each one of them share their story, unabashedly with the help of double meaning dialogues. There are dialogues about women joking about the size of their body parts. We also see the women drink and smoke up.

While a section is criticizing the actress, others say that the same set of people enjoyed watching Hara Hara Mahadevaki and Iruttu Arayil Murattu Kuththu in theaters. Directed by Anita Udeep, 90ML got ‘A’ certificate from the censor board for its sexually explicit dialogues and scenes.