Oviya says she won’t return to Bigg Boss, asks fans not to abuse Shakthi, Julie

Oviya has posted her first YouTube video after coming out of Bigg Boss house, in which she spoke in detail about the show, the contestants who cornered her, her love for Aarav and her recent change in hairstyle.

She also requested her fans not to corner Julie and Shakti, two of the contestants who were evicted recently for their behaviour inside the house.

“I know how it feels to be cornered, and I do not want my fans to do the same to either Julie or Shakti. As humans, we all tend to make mistakes and I am no exception,” she said.

“I am not perfect either, so please don’t corner them. In fact, I do not want fans who corner contestants like that,” she added.

Stating that she would not return to Bigg Boss show, she said she however would act in many films. “But it is up to you to watch them or not,” she said in her typical style.

Meanwhile, Shakthi, who is being trolled online and also in person, has issued an online statement, in which he said, “Thank you, viewers, for all your support and suggestions. My apologies to the women worldwide if I had said something to offend you all. At no cost will I ever put down women but have always stood for them. No matter what it has been a great experience in Bigg boss. Everyday u would have seen only one and half hours of 24hrs in which any one can be shown both good are bad. But no one is good and no one is bad here. Glad I came out at the right time.”

He added: “I’m ready to fight with situations but can’t fight in situations that are created to trigger us. Willing to fight one on one but not against mine or others conscience. The real game starts now. Thank you, Vijay Tv and Bigg boss for everything.”