Oviya leaves Bigg Boss house?

The latest buzz over Bigg Boss is that Oviya has walked out of the house after she allegedly attempted suicide, as he was upset with some recent developments.

While there is no confirmation about this, a picture of Oviya sitting in a car is doing rounds in social media, indicating that she left the house.

But some said it was taken in Kerala during a shoot. However, reliable sources said the police went to Bigg Boss house on Friday evening following some incident.

Sources said that Oviya left the Bigg Boss studio on Friday evening, but Vijay Television is not giving an official confirmation.

The Friday’s show had emotional and disturbing scenes, which are already being criticised widely. Friday’s episode saw Oviya constantly swaying between happy, confused and sad

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss, hosted by actor Kamal Haasan in a Tamil television must be stopped immediately, according to a petition filed in the Madras high court.

Saravanan alias cine Saravanan, in a PIL, has alleged that the show has been hurting the sentiments of downtrodden people and women participants in the show were portrayed in vulgar and obscene manner and it plays with emotions and behaviours of women contestants.