Opposition to demand a discussion on Agnipath scheme in Parliament

The Opposition is likely to demand a discussion on the Agnipath defence recruitment scheme in Parliament next week after the debate on price rise is taken up in both the Houses, sources said Sunday.

A discussion on price rise has been listed in the Lok Sabha for Monday and in the Rajya Sabha the next day.

Opposition leaders said while there is a consensus among them about the need for a discussion on Agnipath, which had sparked widespread violence across the country, they have varied stands on the subject.

With barely 10 working days remaining before the Monsoon Session gets over on August 12, it is unlikely the parties would be abe to extract a debate on the new armed forces recruitment scheme in either House.

“We will definitely raise the issue in Parliament, however there is very little time to force a discussion on it as the session is ending on August 12 and in between there is a weekend, the vice presidential election as well as the farewell for (outgoing vice president) Venkaiah Naidu,” said an opposition leader.