Operation Chocolate: Shocking details about I-T raids on Vijay

The two-day searches by the Income Tax department on Vijay, AGS Cinemas and financier Anbu Chezhiyan were conducted under the name ‘Operation Chocolate’, sources say.

Vijay’s last venture Bigil was a successful film at the box office, earning more than Rs 300 crore as per trade experts. And now, with the ongoing Income Tax inquiry, the remuneration that Vijay received for Bigil has been revealed.

It is being said that the actor had been paid Rs 30 crore by the makers.   The Income Tax officials have reportedly seized Rs 77 crore from the premises of financier Anbu Chelian. A large number of property documents, Promissory notes, post-dated cheques taken as collateral security were recovered during the search and have been seized. As per evidence collected during the search, it is estimated that the concealment, in this case, is likely to exceed Rs 300 crore.

An official release said the raids, which began Wednesday in the premises of four major players in the Film Industry, including a Producer, a prominent Actor, his distributorand financier Anbu Chezhiyan in Madurai, were continuing.

The common thread among all these entities was the success of ‘Bigill, which was a box office hit collecting around Rs 300 crore. About 38 premises of the group were covered in search and survey actions spread over Chennai and Madurai.

The highlight of the search was the seizure of unaccounted cash of about Rs 77 crore from hideouts and secret places located at Chennai and Madurai, purportedly belonging to the financier.

A large number of property documents, promissory notes, post dated cheques taken as collateral security, were recovered during the raids and were seized.

As per evidence detected during the raids, it was estimated that the concealment was likely to exceed Rs 300 crore. The distributor, who is a part of the group searched, is also a builder.

All documents in original, belonging to the distributor have been recovered from a hideout, which was the house of his friend. The Scrutiny of the evidence unearthed was under progress.