An online petition against Remo

An online petition against Remo

Even as Sivakarthikeyan’s Remo was getting ready to hit the screens in a big way on Friday, an online petition has been launched against the movie, alleging that it encourages stalking.

The petition has been filed by one V Iswarya through She says that the actor Sivakarthikeyan has been justifying stalking in films and  has quoted the interview given by actor.

Her petition says: “We have a long weekend coming up with a cluster of movies releasing, including the heavily-promoted “Remo,” starring Sivakarthikeyan. The movie’s cast and crew have been flooding the press with interviews dwelling mainly on how much expense and effort have gone into making the hero appear realistic onscreen as a woman, yet the makers seem to have given very little thought to how they romanticize and normalize stalking (and deception) of women.

She says Sivakarthikeyan doesn’t understand what stalking is or how it adversely affects the life of women who are stalked. Film after film, he has played the ‘hero’ continuously pursuing and harassing the object of his ‘love’ and yet he seems pretty sure that he is “not putting forth any wrong messages or ideas.”

He claims validity for stalking as a longstanding trope in Tamil films and at the same time, evades the question, saying that he doesn’t consider what he does onscreen as ‘stalking’!

His logic is that stalking is OK because, despite pursuing a woman everywhere, he would “ultimately marry her unfailingly.” We only need to recall that the killers of Francina (Tuticorin), Dhanya (Coimbatore) and Karuna (Delhi) also demanded exactly the same from the women they stalked! His idea that his characters represent “pure” love without “any other intentions” and his failure to understand the notion of a woman’s consent is extremely troubling.

Exactly what gives these men the authority to make decisions for another woman on her life choices? It is high time both Tamil filmmakers and audience learnt that stalking is a serious criminal offence under IPC sec. 354D.

Please let actor Sivakarthikeyan know that he cannot get away with this dangerous trend in every film, especially when he clearly admits in the same interview that he is extremely popular with children. We cannot let his greed for profit poison the minds of our younger generation.

Tell him in no uncertain terms that we will #BoycottRemo for promoting stalking as acceptable and fun. We have just one more day to act and convey our protest. We do not believe in bans and extrajudicial censorship, but we can take a stand by refusing to pay and watch movies that encourage the toxic culture of stalking.”