Online Chilean Film Festival from 11-15 Sep ’20 on the occasion of Chilean Independence Day (September 18)

Chilean Independence Day (September 18) we INDO CINE APPRECIATION FOUNDATION in association with Embassy of Chile in India, New Delhi and Honorary Consulate of Chile, Chennai are organizing an Online Chilean Film Festival from 11-15 September 2020 as per under-noted schedule:

1-15 September 2020

Alma/2015/Dir.: Diego Rougier/97 min

All movie links will be made available from

1 am on Sep 11 to

11.30 pm on Sep 15

Looking for a Boyfriend… for My Wife/2017/Dir.: Diego Rougier/100 min
Rey/2017/Dir.: Niles Atallah/91 min
Medea/2019/Dir.: Alejandro Moreno/75 min
Sal/2011/Dir.: Diego Rougier/114 min
Shining Moon/2016/Dir.: Gustavo Letelier/93 min

(Non-members of ICAF, please call on 9840151956/8939022618 for more details).




Synopsis of the movies at Online Chilean Film Festival

  1. ALMA (2015):

Alma is a funny bipolar woman that kicks her husband out of the house because he is tired of her illness. He will do everything it takes to get her back.

Director: Diego Rougier  Duration: 97 min   Wins: 4, Nominations: 3


A frustrated husband has lost patience with his rather temperamental wife. Afraid to ask for a divorce, he follows his friend’s advice & hires famous local Don Juan, Puma to seduce her.

Director: Diego Rougier  Duration: 100 min

  1. REY (2017):

In 1860, a French lawyer dreamed of becoming the King of Patagonia. And he did just that. Or so it seems.

Director: Niles Atallah  Duration: 91 min  Wins: 2, Nominations: 5

  1. MEDEA (2019):

Medea is expelled from the mining region in the Atacama Desert (Chile) and is given just one day to disappear. But in that single day, she comes up with a plan for revenge.

Director: Alejandro Moreno  Duration: 75 min

  1. SAL (2011):

A film director obsessed with making a western decides to go to Northern Chile in search of a story for his screenplay. Being confused with another, a real adventure begins.

Director: Diego Rougier  Duration: 114 min   Wins: 36, Nominations: 19

  1. SHINING MOON (2016):

A jobless gay actor is offered the dream role of a lifetime in a feature film, but he must play an elderly drag. He will be forced to overcome his fears and prejudices to understand better himself and the others.

Director: Gustavo Letelier  Duration: 93 min  Win: 1