One of India’s greatest personality, Uma Preman life is turning into a biopic.

Uma Preman, who was born to a simple mill worker, saved millions of lives. Her true life story is being made into a biopic.
Around 02 lakh dialysis, more than 20,000 heart surgeries, 100s of kidney transplants, schools for tribal communities, low cost houses are some of the services of Uma Preman who have changed the lives of marginalized people of the country. She was one among the women awarded by the president of the nation. The life of such an extraordinary woman is being made into a biopic film in Tamil and Malayalam simultaneously. The film is directed by Vigneswaran Vijayan who has directed the film Traffic Ramasamy. In his words,”There is no greater philosophy or thing than selfless love. Whenever the people around her hurt, Mrs.Uma Preman replied back with love. I beleive that this film will be inspirational for many.