One arrested for sambar in garbage cover at Central

One arrested for sambar in garbage cover at Central

A worker of a stall at Chennai central was arrested after he was spotted packing sambar from a bucket that was covered with garbage cover.

When S Sivakumar arrived at Chennai Central on Sunday morning to board a train he saw a live demonstration of how food is packed and served to people at the station.

An employee of a catering stall on platform 2 had brought sambar in a plastic bucket layered with a black plastic cover used for carrying garbage and was filling it in aluminium foil pouches meant for passengers.

“The hot sambar taken out of a plastic cover would be harmful for people to consume,” he said.

Sharavanan said that the food was supposed to be sold in Brindavan Express. “The nature of the garbage bag was carcinogenic and is harmful for the environment and for the humans. The temperature of the sambar was also very high and the garbage bag was of low quality which makes the food unfit for consumption,” he said. He also posted a post on Facebook with photos.

The post soon went viral. Railway Protection Force officers arrested Imran, an employee of Bharati stall on platform 2, and the division has ordered an inquiry into the matter, a senior official said.