Omicron cases in India rises to 213

 The number of cases of fast-spreading strain Omicron has risen to 213 in India, with Delhi and Maharashtra reporting most number of infections. The Centre has asked states to activate “war rooms” and bring back curbs to contain its spread.

Apart from Delhi (57 cases) and Maharashtra (54 cases), the fast-spreading Omicron strain has seen a rise in the southern states of Telangana (24), Karnataka (19) and Kerala. Rajasthan (18) and Gujarat (14) are the other two states reporting a surge in infections related to the new Covid strain.

Three cases have been reported in Jammu and Kashmir and two each in Odisha and Uttar Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh, Chandigarh, Ladakh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal have reported one case each.

Amid signs of rise in Omicron infections, the Centre, in an advisory, has asked the states to activate “war rooms” and bring back curbs, including night curfews to contain it. It also listed a series of prevention and containment measures that included extensive testing and regulation of gatherings.