Oh My Kadavule Movie Review

Critic Rating: 3.5 / 5


Arjun (Ashok Selvan), Anu (Ritika Singh) and Mani (Sha Raa) are friends from childhood. One day, Anu proposes to Arjun. Though Arjun considered Anu only as a friend, he accepts her proposal since he can’t find a single reason to reject her.

Their wedding happens and Arjun gets a job in a company owned by Anu’s father (MS Baskar). However, Arjun is unable to see Anu as his wife and finds it very difficult to get romantic with her.

This hurts Anu. Adding fuel to the fire is the entry of Meera (Vani Bhojan), their senior in school and the childhood crush of Arjun. As Arjun and Anu get ready to part ways, two persons (Vijay Sethupathi and Ramesh Thilak) enter his life.

They offer Arjun a golden ticket and he can go back to the past and re-live his life, but with certain conditons. Who are they and what happens to Arjun and Anu after this?


Directed by Ashwath Marimuthu, Oh My Kadavule is a unique story and a perfect watch this Valentine’s Day weekend. It is a refreshing entertainer that keeps the viewers engaged till the end.

Ashok Selvan has come up with a convincing performance, while Ritika Singh gets a cute character. Sha Raa adds value to the movie with his dialogues and Vani Bhojan makes a welcome debut in cinema.

M S Baskar shines in a role that is tailor-made for him. Leon James‘ music aptly sits on the feel-good romantic genre and cinematographer Vidhu has provided breezy visuals.

Though the pace and runtime is slow, Oh My Kadavule is a movie with sensitivity and sensibility, and this makes it different from others. A fun-filled romantic entertainer, it would be enjoyed by youth audience.

Oh My Kadavule: Love is God