Oh My Dog movie review

Story: Vinay Rai, a rich dog owner, breeds the best of dogs.

His dogs consistently winning international dog shows and he is just one win away from creating a world record.

One day, he decides to kill a puppy as it was born with blindness. The puppy escapes. Arnav Vijay finds him and raises him. This becomes a huge set back for Vinay’s dreams.

What happened to the puppy and how did it affect Vinay forms the rest of the story.


Oh My Dog is a feel good movie which establishes the bond between humans and pets.

It also establishes that disabilities are natural and should not be mocked.

The film also talks about family bonding and good parenting.

The chemistry between Arnav and the puppy is too good on screen.

Arnav delivers a neat performance and his scenes with the puppy are a treat to watch.

Arun Vijay is dotting as the compassionate father.

Mahima Nambiar is cast aptly as the caring mother.

Vijayakumar as the grandparent delivers a seasoned acting.

The combination scenes involving the trio of Vijayakumar, Arun Vijay and Arnav are eye pleasing and natural.

Director Sarov Shanmugam has a story that will impress pet-lovers and has delivered it for all section of the audience.

The plot is quite simplistic yet engaging.

Music by Nivas K Prasanna is pleasant and compliments the camerawork of Gopinath.

Rating: 4.1/5