NTA Releases Video Lectures for NEET-UG JEE Main Preparation

NTA Releases Video Lectures for NEET-UG, JEE Main Preparation

Both NEET-UG and JEE MAIN will be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) from 2019 onwards. In order to make the students aware of the basic exam-taking strategies and with the intention of helping them in their preparation, NTA has recently released some lectures by the well-known professors and the renowned IT professionals in the video format in their official website. Let us have a look at the characteristic features of these video lectures and how the aspirants can be benefitted from these:

How to view and listen to the videos
All the candidates who are willing to appear in the upcoming NEET or JEE Main are advised to view the videos uploaded by NTA for the purpose of helping them in their preparation. In order to view them, they are required to follow the steps mentioned below:
● Visit the official website of NTA
● Click on the ‘Student’ portal, find ‘Video Lectures by IIT-PAL’, and click on it
● A page titled ‘Content-based Lectures’ will be opened
● Video lectures are available in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology
● After clicking at any of the four options, the YouTube link of each subject will be opened
● The videos are arranged according to the topics

About the video lectures
The videos intended for helping NEET-UG and JEE Main aspirants include lectures on several important topics. Both the syllabi of class XI and class XII are unanimously and uniformly covered in the video lectures. More than 100 unique lectures on each subject by IIT professors and subject matter experts are carefully made and uploaded on YouTube. The talks are of more or less 50 minutes approximately and the students can observe them on their mobile phones or PCs or their laptops according to their convenience. However, as declared by NTA, it should be noted carefully that the topics discussed in the videos are by no means intended to provide any hint on the questions that will be asked in the main exams and the lectures are made only in a generalized manner in order to make the conceptual details clear to the aspirants. It is a request to the students not to take them as last-minute suggestion tips or as discussions on the probable questions to appear in the exams.

Topics discussed in the video lectures
As it has been stated earlier, each of the four subjects has been treated with the same amount of weight given to all of them. Some of the chapters discussed in the NEET-UG and JEE Main lectures are given below:
● Physics: Refraction at Spherical Surfaces and by Lenses, Light, Planar Motion, Kinetics, Kirchhoff’s Law, Electric Energy and Power, Drift Velocity and Resistance, Faraday’s Law of Induction and so on

● Mathematics: Quadratic equations, Limits, Straight lines, Complex Numbers, Three Dimensional Geometry, Permutation and Combination, Circles, Matrices, Statistics, Binomial Theorem and so on

● Chemistry: Organic Compounds, Redox Reactions, Solutions, Organic Chemistry, Coordination Compounds, States of Matter: Gases and Liquids, Electrochemistry, Chemical Thermodynamics, Polymers and so on

● Biology: Photosynthesis and Respiration, Cell Structure and Function, Genetics and Evolution, Human Physiology, Ecology, Plant Physiology and so on

The functionality of the video lectures
The initiative in the wake of making the lectures available online is to trim down the reliance of the students on coaching classes and to alleviate their tension regarding these national level tests by simplifying the core subject matters. These NEET-UG and JEE Main video lectures are made and presented in a way that resembles an online classroom or a webinar. Students are able to access IIT Pal (Professor Assisted Learning) lectures on the ‘Swayam’ platform as well by the use of their mobile phones anytime, anywhere. JEE Main 2019 mock tests are also available online for the aspirants to practice anywhere and to be on familiar terms with the pattern of the question and the basics of the Computer-based Test (CBT).
Overall, the video lectures intended for the NEET-UG and the JEE Main aspirants can be helpful if utilized properly and in good time. Strengthen your preparation today with the help of these experts.