NTA Brings Major Reforms to JEE Main 2019; Takes Up Exam by a Notch

CBSE has been the exam conducting authority in the country for many decades. It usually conducts all national levels in the country. But, starting 2019 things are going to change soon. Based on reports, the National Testing Agency will begin to wane off the pressure of CBSE to conduct examinations. NTA will begin conducting national level exams such as JEE Main , UGC NET, NEET, CMAT and GPAT. Other than conducting exams, NTA plans to bring about a sea of change in the way the examinations are conducted in the country.
Umpteen policy and structural changes are expected in the way CBSE conducts its exams, as CBSE was the only governing body conducting such level of exams- a need to take the pressure off was felt. It was to better the art of exam taking and conducting.
Key points to remember:

  • A unique question paper set will be prepared for all the candidates appearing for examinations
  • NTA seeks to implement tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and psychometric analysis to reduce errors
  • All systems will be made hack proof
  • The examinations will be completely technology driven
  • No aspirants will attempt the same question at any point during the examination
  • The software used during the examination will pick random questions at will for the candidates and present it to them

All of these reforms have been standardised and taken into action to bring in a higher sense importance that exams should enjoy. NTA will get rid of any slinking issues which people faced during the exams. Now, there will be enough testing centres in every city and not just the major cities. More centres will come up in smaller towns as well for the ease of the students. There will be a stringent protocol in place and other issues such as paper leaking and unfair means of practices during an examination will be abhorred or banned. With these systems in place there will definitely be an improvement in the way the examinations will be conducted in future.
The National Testing Agency will conduct their first ever exam in December 2018 i.e. UGC NET which is an examination aspirants appear for if they want to qualify as professors and work in educational institutions especially government owned ones. Later, in January 2019 the biggest examination of the country-JEE Mains will be conducted followed by NEET 2019 sometime in February 2019.
The tests will be 100% hack proof. There will be the highest level of encryption doled into the examination system, so that it is completely safe, explains Vineet Joshi, director general of NTA.

How will the students be benefitted?

With the new reforms altogether, aspirants can now choose their test time, date and centre.Depending on the answers being marked, the questions levels will change. Apart from this, questions that are marked for review or not attempted will be available in just one click.
Additionally, NTA will ensure that each test is designed in a way where there is no fixed pattern and there can be no meaning drawn from it. No matter how one learns or has intensive coaching in, it will not help candidates unless they understand the concept and syllabus completely.
There will be no sets of question paper, rather examiners will feed in umpteen million questions into the system and let the AI system choose the exam question pattern. The candidates will now be relegated to a system of transparency. The question will appear now based on their answers either a tough or easier or a neutral pattern. They will be chosen at random and put on the screen.
Also, the correction of the exam papers will be done using AI based software. This will reduce the downtime of checking millions of papers along with the tests results not being delayed anymore. It will help students decide on which college to go to with swifter and efficient exam systems.

Current plan of NTA

NTA has begun its preparation and is already strategizing and doing their homework. They are already working on the analysis of previous years’ question papers. The undertaking of psychometric analysis of the question papers is going to help check the difficulty level of each question. MCQs are being judged on how well they were able to judge the knowledge of the students on the subject and how better they can make it.
Candidates appearing for JEE Main, NEET and other NTA held exams must understand that the question pattern nor the syllabus is not changing; only the pattern of conducting examinations will change. Interested candidates are suggested to prepare well for the enhanced level of questions that NTA plans to introduce in 2019.
The application form for JEE Main 2019 will be made available from 1st September. The official process will now be taken care of by NTA at www.nta.ac.in. Based on their press release the NTA will establish a network of practice centres for students of rural areas so that everyone can be prepared with the examination pattern and brace themselves before the actual exam actually takes place. Schools/engineering colleges with available computer centres would be identified and kept open on Saturday/Sunday starting from 3rd week of August 2018. Any student can use the facility free of charge.