I am not worried about arrest: Kamal Haasan

Hindu Makkal Katchi on Wednesday filed a complaint with the Greater Chennai city police commissioner, requesting to stop popular television show Bigg Boss and to arrest its host, actor Kamal Haasan.

Hindu Makkal Katchi also wants the contestants in the reality show to be arrested. It complained that participants in the show that went on air from 25 June were “mouthing obscene statements and are acting 75 per cent nude”.

The complaint was filed with the Chennai Police Commissioner. In an interview, Chakrapani Maharaj of Hindu Mahasabha said, “Things shown in Bigg Boss are against the cultural value of India and no one who supports Indian culture will support this show.”

He added: “Earlier also Kamal Haasan has spoken against Mahabharat and Hindu culture, and we are sure that in future he will again speak something through this show that will hurt Hindu sentiments.”

Veeramaanickam Siva, the secretary of Hindu Makkal Katchi, said in his complaint: “People of India are paragons of virtue. Indian television channels, nowadays, are acting in a way to wreck the Indian culture. The Bigg Boss program in Vijay TV overthrows every other show on television in tarnishing the Indian culture and Tamil traditions. People who don’t know each other wearing slinky clothes and using crass language erode our social values and are a threat to our culture.”

Reacting to this, Kamal said, “I don’t mind being arrested. It would make a point in proving how silly these accusations are. Why didn’t they call for a ban on cheerleaders dancing in the stadium during a cricket match?”

He added: “I’m mistaken to be a Communist by Hindutva groups. The truth is I’m a rationalist. I am willing to accept any good ideas coming from either side as long as it works along with the world logic.”