I am not entering politics Hiphop Aadhi

I am not entering politics: Hiphop Aadhi

Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi has dismissed the rumours that through these protests, he is trying to venture into politics, through a video.

The music composer stated that he had quit the protest in Coimbatore as he was hurt by certain allegations and not out of fear.

He said that he left the protests at the VOC Park in Coimbatore as he was ’emotionally hurt’ on seeing posters, pamphlets and speeches in the crowd trying to arouse anti-national feelings by abusing politicians including the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said some even tried to create a communal divide among volunteers, showed disrespect towards the national flag and placed demand for a separate country, while the state police continued to supporting them by providing protection.

In a Facebook live stream, Aadhi said, “Many people asked me why I left Coimbatore in between a protest. I did not leave because of fear, but I left because I was hurt. I have been associated with the cause since 2006. When the protest started, it was decided that Karthikeya Sivasenapathy and P Rajasekaran would be the ones who will lead us, and be projected as the opinion leaders.”

“When I was in Coimbatore for a whole day, certain events that happened there really hurt me.”

“I was speaking on the microphone at an event, when I was approached by a group of youngsters, who asked me to participate in a parallel event that was taking place.”

“However, what I witnessed there shocked me, as they were walking all over the Indian flag and indulging in other anti-national activities. I’m for the Jallikattu protest, but there is no compromise to my identity as an Indian. When I refused to speak at their event, they challenged me saying that I should participate if I was a true Tamizhan.”

“In another place, I saw a man announcing on the microphone that the Indian government only works for Hindus and not for Muslims. How did this become a Hindu-Muslim problem.”