Nikki Gilrani replaces Amala Paul

Nikki Gilrani replaces Amala Paul

Actress Nikki Galrani has replaced Amala Paul to become the most sensational celebrity to search for across Tamil cinema online in 2016, according to Intel Security.

The McAfee Most Sensational Celebrities study now completes a decade globally and has helped uncover pop culture icons including Kollywood celebrities that have generated risky search results, which could expose fans to viruses and malware while searching for the latest information online.

This year’s list saw major changes as the top five celebrities from 2015 namely Amala Paul, Arya, Suriya, Vijay and Amy Jackson being replaced by Nikki Galrani, Nayanthara, Madonna Sebastian, Parvathy and Ajith Kumar in that order for 2016.

With the increasing penetration of broadband, consumers rely on the internet to find more information such as award and TV shows as well as movie premieres, album releases, celebrity breakups and more. The study, published by Intel Security, highlights the various ways hackers can take advantage of consumer interest around several facets of Kollywood cinema news and entice unsuspecting fans to visit sites loaded with malware that can steal passwords and personal information.

Accordingly, it emphasizes on the risks of their online behavior and how to best protect themselves from potential threats.

“Cinema and celebrity culture continue to be synonymous with Indian consumers.” said Venkat Krishnapur, head of R&D operations for Intel Security’s India Development Centre.

“Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting consumers who access information-on-the-go, without considering the potential security risks online around celebrity interest. We at Intel Security remain committed to creating a positive online experience by educating and protecting the Indian consumers.”

A search for ‘Nikki Galrani + Torrent’ results in a 18 percent chance of connecting to a malicious website

Consumers are now, more than ever, streaming videos, and movies online. As file sharing and torrent use continues to grow in popularity, it’s no surprise that movies are a target for cybercriminals seeking to create malicious files.