NIA seizes weapons in PFI case in Chennai

NIA has made two arrests in two different cases in TN during the last couple of days. In the case of LTTE inspired youths making arms, the NIA has arrested the absconding accused A Kabilar in Salem on Friday.

In the second case, related to PFI, the agency has arrested 10th accused, named Umar Sherif on Wednesday and seized 28 weapons including swords, spears, Kattari (push dagger), curled blades (Surul), metal chains, shields, nunchakus and knives – from his house. The arrest of Kabilar is related to the case of three accused persons creating an outfit named World Tamil Justice Court inspired by LTTE. They had allegedly manufactured arms, ammunition and explosives to carry out violent acts and subversive activities. NIA had already arrested two suspects in the case.

The case was initially registered in Omalur police station in May this year and the case was re-registered by NIA on 25 July.

Umar Sheriff R @ Umar Juice, 43, of Madurai was arrested for allegedly conspiring and indulging in unlawful activities, such as creating enmity among different groups on grounds of religion.

The case was registered on 19 September this year. Investigations have revealed that the arrested accused Umar Sheriff organized several physical training classes with the deadly weapons to the cadres of Popular Front of India (PFI) in Madurai to achieve the objective of Popular Front of India (PFI).