NHRC issues notice to TN govt over docs mistaking tumour for pregnancy

NHRC issues notice to TN govt over docs mistaking tumour for pregnancy

The National Human Rights Commission has issued a notice to the Tamil Nadu government for alleged medical negligence by a hospital in Chennai in wrongly diagnosing a woman as pregnant.

The NHRC issued notice to the State Health Secretary and Director, Government Kasturba Gandhi Hospital for Women and Children, Chepauk, calling for reports within two weeks.

“The commission has been receiving from time to time numerous complaints of medical negligence in primary health centres and government health centres all over the country. However, the incident reported is classic, which goes to the core of the medical negligence on the part of hospital, the doctors etc,” said the commission in a release on Thursday.

Hasina, 28, resident of Kannagi Nagar went to the hospital for pregnancy check-up in April. Following check-ups, she was informed that the tentative delivery date would be November 8. But On November 21, she developed severe pain and was again rushed to hospital where a fresh scan was done following which she was informed that she was not pregnant. It was then learnt that she was not pregnant and had a small tumour.

The Commission termed the episode a “classic case of medical negligence” and “failed to understand how the doctors were unable to notice even the physical growth of the baby for eight months, let alone decide from the physical appearance of the woman.”

“The above facts show a total callous attitude in the diagnosis of the woman, who was not only given a positive report for the pregnancy, but was also made to consume a number of medicines during the period of eight months,” the NHRC said.