New releases from tomorrow, Vishal says good times ahead for Tamil cinema

Actor and President of the Tamil Film Producers’ Council Vishal on Wednesday confirmed that the over a month long strike in the Tamil film industry is officially over.
The Tamil Film Producer Council, Theatre owners and the Digital Service Providers reached an agreement after a long discussion. One of the major bones of contention, the payment of Virtual Print Fee, has been slashed to Rs 250 per show from Rs 290 for E Cinema.
Vishal took to Twitter and confirmed that Karthik Subbaraj’s Mercury will be the first release post the strike.
“Here we go. Our first Tamil film release after the revamp is gonna be #MercuryMovie in a grand scale.looking fwd to this lovely venture from @karthiksubbaraj.all da best. #Tfpc will assure a huge and grand release wit all support. God bless,” he posted.
Film shoots that had been suspended for a month will also resume from Friday. “It was not a strike or a shutdown. It was a revamp aimed at structuring the film industry and levelling the playing field to favour small-budget producers. From June, the film trade will become more transparent than ever,” said Vishal.
Vishal also thanked Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) workers, director RK Selvamani and all the other producers who stood for their demands till the very end.