New education policy is a game changer: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today delivered the inaugural address at the ‘Conclave on Transformational Reforms in Higher Education under National Education Policy (NEP)’ through video conferencing.

Modi said that through NEP, India will transform its students into global citizens who are rooted in their values. “In recent years, there have not been major changes in education and thus the values of curiosity and imagination were not given the thrust. Instead, we moved towards a herd community.

The mapping of interest, ability, and demand was needed. We need to develop critical thinking and innovative thinking abilities in our youths. It will be possible if we have purpose, philosophy, and passion of education,” he added.

Stating the benefits of the new policy, he enunciated that it’s heartening that no region or section has raised any concerns of bias in NEP so far, adding that everyone needs to join hands to make this policy a reality.

PM Modi further stated that globalised students should also be connected to their roots. Elaborating on the point, he articulated that it was very important to bring India’s education system at par with the rest of the world as a lot of questions were being raised for years on whether the country’s education system was helping children become creative and develop curiosity in them.

“The National Education Policy 2020 has been brought out after six years of deliberations and consistent review. This has been a healthy debate and will benefit the education sector of India

People of any region and community did not say that there is any kind of bias or discrimination in the new policy. This indicates how the NEP had been long-awaited,” he added.