Chennai Metro Services between Thirumangalam-Nehru Park soon

Nearly 2 crore passengers travelled in Chennai Metro in just 8 months

A total of 1,91,44,307 passengers have travelled from January 2019 till August 2019 in Chennai Metro Rail, setting a new record.

“Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has always endeavoured to provide the several facilities to provide the people of Chennai and safer and sustainable mode of transport,” said a communique from CMRL.

In the month of August 2019, a total of 29, 65,307 passengers have travelled in the Metro Train proving that the efforts taken by CMRL to provide a safer and time efficient way of travel a success, it stated.

In the month of August 2019, more than 1 Lakh passengers travel in the Metro train for a total of 19 days. And on the following days a total of 1,30,288 passengers have travelled on 30th Aug 2019 , 1,15,477 passengers have travelled on 14th Aug 2019 , 1,14,399 passengers have travelled on 9 th Aug 2019 and 1,12,984 passengers have travelled on 28th Aug 2019, it added.

CMRL has undertaken several initiatives of providing several Last Mile Connectivity measures for the Metro Train Passengers among which Share Auto and Share Taxi, Metro Cab services are currently plying at Metro Rail Stations in addition Small Buses by MTC and Tempo Traveller Feeder services to IT corridors in OMR have also been provided for the benefit of passengers.

It is generally felt that Metro tickets are priced high and that is the reason most people avoid riding in it. Another reason stated for people giving Metro the skip is that the stations are not strategically located. But CMRL is trying to correct that by providing bus, auto, share auto and cab rides for last mile connectivity.