Nayanthara’s Kolaiyuthir Kaalam postponed once again

Already facing delays, Nayanthara-starrer Kolaiyuthir Kaalam has been postponed once again, from the scheduled release date of July 26.

Although trade murmurs that the film is now scheduled to release on August 1, one has to wait and watch to know whether it would sure hit the screens on that day.

According to reports, the result of the Hindi version of the movie, titled Khamoshi, has largely affected the Tamil version that Mathiyalagan couldn’t find buyers in any of the trade territories in Tamil Nadu.

The film is directed by Chakri Toleti of Billa 2 fame and is loosely based on Hollywood film Hush. The story revolves around a deaf-mute woman who faces a life threat in an isolated bungalow. 

Jointly produced by Vashu Bhangani and Yuvan Shankar Raja’s YSR Films. Music for the film has been composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja himself.

Recently, Madras High Court had issued interim injunction against Nayanthara’s Kolaiyuthir Kaalam. According to reports, Balaji Kumar, director of Vidiyum Munn, had obtained the rights of the novel Kolyaiuthir Kaalam from writer Sujatha’s wife for Rs 10 lakhs. 

He appealed to the Madras High Court to stop the makers from releasing the film with the same name since it is a violation of copyright.

Meanwhile, Nayanthara’s rumoured boyfriend and director Vignesh Shivn had shared a sweet note in support of the film.

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam producer Mathiazhagan and Vignesh had earlier made headlines for a spat. As per reports, Vignesh said the film was incomplete and wasn’t shot properly. Mathiazhagan, on his part, accused Vignesh of spreading rumours about the film.

In a fresh release, Vignesh Shivan said, “Pleased to see a producer having this much care and affinity towards his product. Mr Madhiazhagan’s sincere efforts to give the film a good release shows his conviction for good content.

Personally, we have had some bitter moments which I feel was unfortunate and unnecessary but at the end of the day, it all takes a good conversation to end things on the right note. We all work in the same industry and its always good to have the goodwill and positivity floating around always.

Solid performances from the lead Nayanthara and all the other cast. Sincere efforts from the crew helmed by Chakri to bring out a technically sleek and strong movie.”