Nayanthara, Trisha, Khushbu, Nagarjuna on a mission

A lot of south Indian celebrities joined Prime Minister Narendra Modi in extending support to medical staff and essential service providers who work by risking their lives during coronavirus outbreak.

Khushbu Sundar wrote: “This is not the time to panic, we need awareness. By not going out, you are doing a great favour to your family. You might think that you are young and strong.

But think about the older people at home. Doctors have already said that if people in their 70s and 80s get affected by Covid-19, their chances of survival are less.

You cannot think that I am holed up inside the house and that there is absolutely nothing to do. When you are working hard, a number of thoughts cross our mind, that we are unable to spend time with children and that we don’t know how our parents are.

Consider this as a blessing in disguise. Stay at home and spend quality time with family. The government of India has asked people to follow Janta Curfew. I am staying at home and I have asked everyone I know to stay at home. Can’t we survive without going out of home for a day?”

Vignesh Shivan, who posted pictures of him clapping with Nayathara, wrote: “Claps, drumrolls & whistles for the real heroes !!! #Doctors #PoliceOfficers socialVolunteers #AllPublicServants #Cleaners May this corona virus become powerless asap !

Medicines & vaccines are getting ready and gonna come very soon to save mankind and get us back to our normal life ! Until then! United we Fall , divided we win! #socialdistancing #selfquarantine is the route to safety! #staySafe #stayIndoors.”

Nagarjuna wrote: “👏👏👏Incredible!!! How India united this evening in the fight against corona virus🙏#IndiaFightsCorona #IndiaComeTogether.”

NTR Junior posted: “Salute to all our brothers and sisters in healthcare and emergency services, who are selflessly leading this fight against #COVID19.”

Pawan Kalyan said, “We salute to all the Doctors, Nurses, health workers, sanitary workers, media and police for fighting against corona.”

Trisha has appeared in a crisp video of UNICEF to spread awareness on coronavirus and how one should follow personal hygiene by washing their hands for 20 seconds.

She also said that in case if people have a fever, trouble in breathing and cough, they should contact the nearest doctors. Also, people should cover their mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing.