Nayanthara takes pen, writes letter to fans

Nayanthara has written a letter to her fans, wishing them a happy new year, thanking them for the love and support and making Aramm a big success.

In the handwritten letter, she said, “To, All my fans who have made this life of mine meaningful! I extend my sincere thanks and heartfelt wishes for a New Year which gives you all that you have ever wished for..!”

“You have made me feel blessed! You have made me believe that sincere and unconditional love exists. Your love towards me has proved time and again that life is beautiful,” she said.

The actress added: “You have all made me realise that no matter what, we should just keep working harder with utmost dedication and leave the rest to God.”

She also said that the only thing she could do in return for all the love that she has received so far is to make not just entertaining films, but responsible ones like Aramm too.

“I sincerely thank the print, television, social media, cinema-personalities, reviewers and trackers for making Aramm what it is today. This has been a wonderful year with full of love and positivity,” Nayanthara said.