This is how Nayan, Tamannah, Vishal slammed Suraj

This is how Nayan, Tamannah, Vishal slammed Suraj

Soon after his interview went viral on the social media, Suraj faced the wrath of Nayanthara, Vishal and Tamannah.
Interestingly, Vishal and Tamannah are the hero and the heroine, respectively, of his Friday release Kathi Sandai.

Nayanthara said: ““How can a responsible person from film industry make such a crass and cheap comment? Who is Suraj to say such a derogative statement against heroines?”

“Does he think that heroines are strippers who will come and shed their clothes just because they are paid money? Will he dare to speak such things about working women in his family?” she said.

Tamannaah said she was “hurt and angered by the comments made by director Suraaj”.

“I would definitely want him to apologise not only to me but to the entire women in the industry. We are actors and we are here to act and entertain audiences and should not at any point be objectified as commodities.”

She added: “I have worn costumes which I’m comfortable with. It is sad that women in our country are spoken about so frivolously and I would like to tell my audiences that our industry should not be generalized due to comments made by one individual.”

Vishal said, “Totally unnecessary statement by Dir Suraj. not jus sayin dis as gen secy of da artist association but as an actor.actresses showcase their talent and not their bodies.n glad that Suraj has apologised.@tamannaahspeaks sorry for Wat u bin thru Coz of this.unwanted.”