National Technology Day – Quotes from Industry Leaders

National Technology Day is observed today. Technology is considered as a key factor for economic development. For the economy to grow at a sustainable rate, adopting the latest technologies which augment the business performance is essential along with upgrading the skills of existing workforce. Our world today is scrambling to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, and organisations have been forced to implement measures such as work from home for their employees to adhere to the social distancing norms.

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  • Saankhya Labs, a leader in disruptive semiconductor chipset technology in India
  • Flock, the workplace collaboration platform
  • Clover Infotech, a leading IT services provider

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“As we observe National Technology Day is observed today, it is important for us to take a step back and evaluate how technology has been playing a critical role in keeping everyone connected in the current COVID-19 lockdown times. As a country, each citizen has been making use of innovative technology-driven solutions to make it through this social distancing phase. Right from watching movies via OTT platforms to Virtual meetings, trainings and education delivered online, literally every industry sector is moving digitally. At Saankhya Labs, being thought leaders and providers of innovative communication solutions, we have been consistently developing next-gen wireless communication solutions based on patented SDR technology, in broadband, broadcast, satellite communications and cognitive radio access networks. We are constantly working towards creating innovative solutions in the space of 5G, IoT, satellite communications, 5G broadcast etc. During the times of the COVID-19 outbreak, we believe that changing the way the current networks are deployed and adopting to a whole new set of technologies such as 5G Broadcast, AI based traffic steering, WiFAR etc are crucial to improve user experience; provide a smart data pipe for content; monetize the underutilized spectrum and to provide connectivity to the unconnected.” Mr. Parag Naik, Co-founder and CEO, Saankhya Labs

“As National Technology Day is being observed today, it serves as an important reminder of the difference that technology has made in our lives and how with its help society is becoming more resilient and is able to tide over such crisis’ faster. Today, we are going through uncertain times with the outbreak of COVID-19, and everything about our personal and work lives have changed dramatically. Thanks to the development of new technologies, a large proportion of the workforce in India and globally were able to shift to remote working with the help of collaboration and communication platforms, video conferencing and more. Also, with the extended lockdown, people are able to connect with their near and dear ones through similar apps / platforms. At Flock, we are constantly updating our platform with the latest features and technologies, to provide our customers an all-in-one solution that takes care of an organisation’s messaging, email, calendar, screen and file sharing, and productivity needs.” – Devashish Sharma, CTO at Flock

“National Technology Day is celebrated today to recognize the innovations in technology that is creating a better India. This year, it is more contextual considering the challenges we are navigating due to COVID-19. From enabling remote working and collaboration to empowering banking, healthcare, education to function digitally, the developments have been a strong testimony to India’s Digital Prowess and Capabilities. Post COVID-19, India will be strongly positioned to leverage its IT infrastructure, human capital and internet penetration to create enterprises that will address the most pressing issues using new-age digital technologies.” – Neelesh Kripalani, Senior Vice President and Head, Center of Excellence (CoE) at Clover Infotech