Nanjil Sampath announces quitting politics

Nanjil Sampath announces quitting politics

AIADMK deputy propaganda secretary Nanjil Sampath, who returned a car gifted to him by former chief minister J Jayalalithaa at the party headquarters on Tuesday, has announced retiring from active politics.

“Till now I did not have time to read books. From now on I will be going back to my native house near Padmanabhapuram palace in Kanyakumari district and start reading as well as writing more books. I have had enough of politics,” he said.

Meanwhile in a statement on Facebook, he said, “the car was bought in the name of the party treasurer and was given to me on 16 December 2012 by then Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa for election campaign purposes.”

“I have never used that car for any personal reasons. The car used to be parked in my friend Jaffer Ali’s house when there was no campaign.”

“Over the last eight months, no such meetings were organised and, hence, I have decided to return the car, as I do not want to give room to be called ‘Innova Sampath’,” he added.

Sampath was a noted orator and has been doing public speaking for three Dravidian parties since 1986. Belonging to Kanyakumari district, Sampath has completed MA and MPhil degrees.