Naan Sirithal Review

Critic Rating: 2.75 / 5


Gandhi is a techie. A happy go lucky guy, he however suffers from a rare disorder called Pseudobulbar affect, which makes him to laugh uncontrollably whenever he is nervous, sad or angry.

He also has a romantic track in life, in the form of Ankita (Ishwarya Menon). One day, he goes out in search of his missing friend Dilli (Yogi Babu).

However, he lands in a wrong car and reaches the birthday party of a gangster, whose name too is Dilli (K S Ravikumar). Dilli has a running fued with another gangster Sakkarai (Ravi Marya).

Sakkarai sends henchmen (Munishkanth and Sha Raa) to the birthday party to bump off Dilli, but he mistakes Gandhi and holds him as scape goat. When Dilli is about to kill Gandhi, the latter laughs uncontrollably irking the former.

The rest is all about whether Gandhi is able to escape from the clutches of Dilli or not, joined hands with his love interest and found his missing friend Dilli.


Short films, when made as full-fledged movies, have the problem of narrating things in an interesting manner. Naan Sirithal, which is the feature-film version of short film Kekka Bekka, too suffers from this issue.

Though the basic idea is good and the name confusion has ample scope to tickle the funny bone, director Rana is able to use the situations to his favour only to an extent.

Hip Hop Aadhi is good at laughing scenes and needs to improve his performance in other departments. Ishwarya Menon is beautiful, while the likes of K S Ravikumar, Ravi Mariya, Munishkanth and Sha Raa add value.

Yogi Babu and Julie are there to please the mass audience. Badava Gopi’s character is funny. With impressive songs and decent production values, Naan Sirithaal is a time-pass entertainer.

Naan Sirithal: Laugh out loud