Naan Mirugamaai Maara


Sasikumar’s brother Kathir is a software engineer. He tires to save a man from a gang of youngsters.

However, this incident affects the peace of his family.

Following a series of incidents Kathir is killed. This makes Sasikumar to become a violent man.

Who killed Kathir, what does Sasikumar do after that forms the rest of the story.


Director Sathyasivaa has delivered a raw crime revenge thriller. He takes the audience in to the world of criminals who will do anything for money.

How these criminals disrupt the life of a common man is showing in a convincing manner. Sasikumar has given his best in all emotional and action sequences. He dons a new avatar.

The emotional bonding between father and daughter is one of the major positives of the movie.

There is so much violence in the movie that it might cause some discomfort to a section of the audience.

Vikranth is terrifying as the antagonist and does complete justice to his character. A better screenplay would have made the movie all the more interesting.

Ghibran’s BGM is electrifying. Rest of the technical aspects are good as well.

Rating: 3.2/5