Naadu movie review


Devanaadu is a small village in the Kolli Hills. Though, there is a hospital in the village, there are no doctors which leads to the loss of several lives.

The villagers get a doctor appointed to the hospital after a long struggle. Mahima Nambiar comes as the doctor to the hospital.

But, she does not like the village and seeks to get transferred.

The village president Singam Puli, Dharshan and RS Shivaji are all helpful to Mahima.

Mahima saves a few lives during her stay in the village, following which the villagers see her as a goddess.

They device a plan to prevent Mahima from getting transferred.

Did Mahima get the transfer she wanted, what did the villagers do forms the rest of the story.

Director M Saravanan has given a realistic movie by avoiding a few cliches.

The movie’s success lies in the way in which he has handled each and every scene.

He has also touched upon a few contemporary issues which will easily connect with the audience.

Dharshan has delivered a 100 per cent performance for his role in the movie.

He has lived as a village youth from a hill. Mahima Nambiar has delivered a appreciable performance as the doctor.

The way in which she has handled her role is really commendable.

R S Shivaji and Dharshan’s father and Singam Puli as the village president have also done their part well.

Aruldoss who comes as the Collector too has created an impact.

Rest of the cast have also done their part well.

The movies is technically sound and compliments the plot in an effective manner.

Rating: 4.2/5