Mysskin dares Vishal, says actor can’t sleep from now on

The ongoing tussle between Vishal and Mysskin over Thupparivalan 2 fiasco reached a new height on Thursday, when the latter came down heavily on the former.

Speaking at an event organised to promote  ZEE5’s upcoming web series Kannamoochi in Chennai, Vishal said Thupparivaalan 2 revolves around Kohinoor diamond and that he worked on the script for nearly a year.

He said that he wrote the movie to help Vishal overcome his debt problem. “I told him beforehand that he can’t make this movie as it would cost him about Rs 20 crore. I knew he had a lot of debt and this would add more burden to him,” Mysskin said.

Adding that he used to consider Vishal as his brother, Mysskin said his current pay scale was the source of conflict between the two. “I was paid Rs 3 crore for Thupparivaalan. And three years later, he (Vishal) wanted me to direct the sequel for the same pay,” he said.

He said Vishal insulted him by using foul language. “When my brother questioned him for using such language, he was beaten by him,” he added.

“I even told him that I can write a different story that happens within Chennai and we can shoot on a budget of Rs 10 crore. That can be Thupparivaalan 2, and we can make this movie as Thupparivaalan 3 later. But, he wanted to make this movie,” he said

Mysskin urged Vishal provide proof to support his allegations against him. “He claimed that I spent about Rs 35 lakh for script work. I have the proof to show that I only spent Rs 7 lakh of 7.5 lakh that was given to me,” he said.

Stating that the fight was far from over, Mysskin added: “Vishal, the worst is yet to come to you. You can’t sleep at night from now on. If you think you are being righteous, let’s go to war.” It is to be noted that Vishal recently announced he himself would direct Thupparivalan 2.