My mom is my superstar: A R Rahman

A R Rahman, who is very much attached to his mother, has descried her as his superstar.

During an interaction with Carnatic vocalist Sudha Ragunathan, Rahman said, “My mom is my superstar. When I started my studio, didn’t have enough money to buy musical instruments.”

“A  person offered to join me as a partner but my mom was against the decision and told me to kickstart the studio on my own. Years later, I felt that it was the right thing to do.

My mom always says tat I shouldn’t spend the entire earnings and can only spend half of the amount so that if anything goes wrong, the savings would help us. Things like this saved me from disasters.

She would take a strong decision in areas where I was a little hesitant. She is very brave and acts with a great sense of spirituality and intelligence. She is bedridden for the last six to seven years. Even now her guidelines are helping me to take decisions,” he added.

Recently, Rahman, who made his debut as a music composer with 1992 movie Roja, had been paying tributes to iconic singer S P Balsubrahmanyam one post after the other.

Rahman, who was one of the first ones to tweet “devastated” after the legendary singer’s death, wrote: “Celebrating S P Balasubramanyam’s music, life and personality” in another tweet. He shared a video, talking about the music legend as he knew him.

Among the many interesting anecdotes Rahman shared about SPB, the music maestro also talked about his interacting with SPB during the recording of Roja soundtracks.

“My other memories with him… when we recorded my first Roja recording Kadhal Rojave. He came into the studio and the first thing he said is ‘How can this studio produce a cinematic song. So I smiled at him and he came back after the movie released and said: ‘You’ve proved music can be produced anywhere. It’s what you do with it’,” Rahman said in the video.