Music composer C. Sathya, who follows the principles of Vallalar, has composed and sung the great Tamil saint’s ‘Manu Murai Kanda Vasagam’ song

Popular music composer C. Sathya has composed and sung the song ‘Manu Murai Kanda Vasagam’ by Thiru Arutprakasa Vallalar, a great Tamil saint who preached compassion and values to the whole world and proclaimed “Whenever I saw a withered crop, I withered.” Sathya has also produced the song as a lyric video.

It is noteworthy that Sathya, who follows Vallalar’s guidelines as his lifestyle, has been maintaining an Anaiyaa Vilakku (lamp that always glows) in his studio for the past 14 years.

Sathya said his long-time urge to compose music for this particular song of Vallalar has been fulfilled during the auspicious occasion of this year’s Thaippoosam and added the song will be released very soon.

Speaking about this, he said, “One of the wonderful guidance songs that Vallalar gave us is ‘Manu Murai Kanda Vasagam’. If we just follow the morals of this song, the world will be surrounded by love and peace. Hence, I have composed and sung this song to take it to more people.”

Speaking further, music director Sathya said, “Love and compassion are the only mantras that can heal the world and people and make them prosper. The things that Vallalar preached many years ago are very relevant to today’s modern world. I request that everyone should follow this song.”

The song ‘Manu Murai Kanda Vasagam’ by Vallalar, composed, sung and produced by C. Sathya, will be released worldwide soon as lyric video.