Mumaith Khan alleges cab driver misbehaved with her

Mumaith Khan has lodged a complaint against a cab driver who recently alleged that the actress is yet to settle his dues for a trip to Goa.

He had stated that he had taken Mumaith Khan to a three-day trip to Goa and that she was yet to settle the amount. He alleged that the trip got extended by few days but when she returned to Hyderabad, she refused to pay the additional amount.

However, in her complaint, Mumaith said she hired Raju for travelling to Goa from Hyderabad by car. After she reached Goa, Raju refused to drive the vehicle and harassed her.

He also used filthy language in his interactions. During the return journey, the driver had arguments with the actress and her relatives who were travelling along with her.

Mumaith alleged that Raju drove in a rash and negligent manner.  When she asked him to drive safely, Raju abused the actress in filthy language. Besides, Raju had lodged a “false complaint” saying she owed him a bill payment of around Rs 23,000, said Mumaith.

Mumaith said, “I have excused his act because of poor conditions. But he started maligning me and making all sorts of baseless allegations. Hence I have filed a case against him.” The actress is now recovering from a neurological condition, it is said.