I am very much in Mylapore, wil serve people Ex-DGP Nataraj

I am very much in Mylapore, wil serve people: Ex-DGP Nataraj

Amid multiple theories about his whereabouts, Mylapore MLA and former DGP has come out with a lengthy letter to people of his constituency.

Here we present unedited his complete post on the Facebook:

“My Dearest Mylaporeans,

A lot of people have asked me where I am and what I am doing, considering the present political scenario.

Let me clear the air that I am very much at my mylapore mla office and any of you can come and visit me. I am not anywhere else as has been wrongfully claimed by few people in social media. I am sure you all know about me by now and I would never take a break from discharging my duties towards mylapore. I would also like to clarify as regards my duties as an MLA vis a vis the current situation.

I have been and will always be first and foremost a public servant. I still am in service of the public; in fact I am very much at my Mylai office for anyone to come and meet me and not anywhere else, contrary to public perception. My duties and responsibilities lie in Mylai to fulfill the mandate and trust reposed by you the public and the late Hon’ble Chief Minister Amma Jayalalitha. She is my leader and my loyalty forever will remain with our Honble Amma.

I have never seen any position that I have occupied in my public life as a position of POWER and I have only seen it as a position of RESPONSIBILITY.

My entire life, I have drawn salary from the public exchequer which is nothing but hard earned monies of the public who have duly paid the fruits of their labour as taxes in reasonable expectation of efficient public service from the Government- be it legislature, executive or the judiciary. Therefore, there is an in-built mechanism in me, which reminds me at all times that, come what may, I must never take a day’s break from discharging my duties to the public. I continue to live by that doctrine even in the current troubling times.

Even with the current political situation, I strain every nerve to ensure that I discharge my duties to the public, be it constituency field visits addressing citizen grievances to engaging in legislative research and developmental works. This will never stop. I am very much here, contrary to popular belief that I am elsewhere. Nothing in this world can stop me from doing my field work in the Mylapore Constituency and its great people.

And yes, I am keeping away from abusive phone calls. There is so much work to do, not just for me but for all of us. I don’t want to be distracted from my main mission, just because a handful of people decide to play petty politics. Having said that I am listening to every one of you, your views and suggestions, your opinions on this political matter and considering all your reasoning with utmost earnestness, seriousness and humility. . I wish to clarify that my decisions will only be backed by reason and logic. I have a responsibility of representing 3 Lakh odd people of Mylapore Constituency, and I must make an informed decision after listening to the public, ensuring and securing the best for Mylapore constituency- it’s infrastructural & local area developmental needs, administrative expectations and grass root requirements.

I re-iterate that I am not here to play petty or vote bank politics nor am I expecting a second term. To me, the post of an MLA is a gift bestowed upon me by Hon’ble Amma to serve the people. Although some of you use the term “power”, I prefer to go with the words, responsibility, duty, and performance which define the functions of an MLA. II have to do justice to the salary/ allowances that I get from public money. It’s just as simple as that.

I shall continue to work tirelessly for the people of Mylapore during this term of mine, and ensure that the mandate given to me to make Mylai a model constituency , is fulfilled to the highest degree, without fear or fervor. Before parting, I would like to quote a few lines of Robert Frost, that would describe my commitment everyday in discharging my public duties and addressing public grievances:

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”

Your MLA


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