Mother’s day: Entrepreneur mom’s – The real superhero

On behalf of Furtados School of Music. As we move closer to mother’s day I was hoping to check if you are working on any story in which we can contribute, also sharing below the some story themes which could be of your interest:

Story theme: Entrepreneur mom’s: The real superhero

Background: Mothers are the real superhero of our society, as a mother their life revolves around us, from taking care of the meals, studies, anything a mother knows it all. They are the queens of multi-tasking and ensuring adequate work life balance. But how do they do it all? With the same 24 hours, moms manage to accomplish far more than anyone else. Connect with successful mom entrepreneurs who have mastered the art of multi-tasking, delegating and managing the household and business to understand the tips and tricks.

Talk points: Way’s mother entrepreneurs can manage their work without missing on life: Learn how to multi task and delegate

Story theme: Mother’s Day 2020 playlist

Background: Bollywood has always paid a tribute to the unsung heroes of our lives called Mother with some hit song like “Maa” from “Taare Zameen Pr”, “Luka Chuppi” from “Rang De Basanti”, “Meri Maa” from “Yaariyan” and what not which actually makes us realize the importance and sacrifices that all of our mothers have done for us. This mother’s day let’s not let these songs fade away as we recreate memories ans ahre a small tribute to all hard working moms.

Talk Point: Ms. Tanuja Gomes, CO Founder and CO-CEO Furtados School of Music, would to share the perfect playlist for Mother’s Day 2020