Morphed pic on FB: Vinupriya's suicide exposes so many things

Morphed pic on FB: Vinupriya’s suicide exposes so many things

The family of a 21-year-old woman, who committed suicide after her morphed picture was uploaded on Facebook, has refused to take her body for cremation alleging lack of prompt action and demanding immediate arrest of the culprits behind the cyber crime.

In her suicide note, Vinupriya a BSc graduate mentioned that she took the drastic measure as she was unable to bear the stigma. She suggested that her parents did not believe that she had not sent nude pictures of herself to whoever posted them online.

A morphed picture, showing her in an obscene fashion, was uploaded on Facebook by unidentified persons. Following the incident, a complaint was lodged on June 23 with the police but no action was taken, according to the victim’s father, Annadurai, who said another semi-nude picture of Vinupriya was sent to him on his mobile following which she took the extreme step. Police said they have asked Facebook to block the morphed picture.

“We have lost our child, we have nothing more to do. Had officials taken down the page when we complained, this date might not have come for our child,” cried Annadurai, Vinupriya’s father.

Her body was sent to the Salem General Hospital for post mortem and results are awaited. After the victim