More youngsters enroll themselves in electoral rolls

Youngsters, who have crossed 18 years of age showed keen interest in submitting Forms 6 seeking inclusion of their names in the photo electoral rolls.

According to rough estimates, the public election department has received more than 20 lakh Form 6 in the month of November – December from the public and there was good response to the week end special summary camps held by the civic bodies across the state.

Chief Electoral Officer Sathyabrata Sahoo said a total of 29 lakh forms have been received during the summary revision. A total of 20,62,424 Form 6 have been received and close to 4 lakh forms seeking deletion of names have been received, the CEO said.

According to public election department sources the final list of voters is to be released by next month.

Earlier this year, 14 lakh people submitted various forms seeking inclusion and deletion of names into the voter’s rolls.

There is a good response to the recently conducted special camps from public and the political parties. To ensure the enrolment of new voters for the next year polls the political parties are also hyper active this season, official sources said.