Modi's assurance on Colachel port

Modi’s assurance on Colachel port

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday told Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan that the proposed Colachel port in Tamil Nadu and Vizhinjam port in Thiruvanathapuram can co-exist in a mutually beneficial manner.

Addressing reporters in Delhi, Kerala Ports Minister Kadanapally Ramachandran said the issue was raised with Prime Minister Modi at a meeting in the capital.

“We expressed our concern and sought the Centre’s support. But the Prime Minister said the Colachel port in Tamil Nadu will not affect our port in Kerala,” Ramachandran said

Kerala expressed concern over the decision saying it would adversely affect Vizhinjam port, the consstruction work of which has already begun in the state capital.

“There should be propercriterion on the functioning and the distance between the two ports,” Pinarayi informed Modi, even while saying that Kerala was not against the Colachel project.