Mere Priya Parivarjan, It has been a decade since you blessed Bharatiya Janata Party with the responsibility of serving you. The fact that you blessed me to be your Pradhan Sevak at an extremely important time in the history of our country inspires me to work ever harder. In the last ten years, every moment of our time and every ounce of our energy has been dedicated for the people’s welfare. With your trust and support, the nation has seen a massive transformation over the last ten years. While development attained an unprecedented speed and scale, a significant transformation has also happened in terms of mindset. Today, our youth are speaking of creating Viksit Bharat by 2047 as a goal that is attainable, as a milestone that will certainly be reached. The nation is confident on its journey of becoming self-reliant (Aatmanirbhar). This is a big change from the atmosphere of desperation and frustration that the nation had experienced in the decade prior to 2014 due to the corruption, policy paralysis and misrule by the government of those times. We have gone from a nation that was in the ‘Fragile Five’ to a nation that is one of the top 5 economies of the world. The most important facet of this progress is that the fruits of development reached everyone, especially those who needed it the most. The mantra of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Prayas has guided our actions. The nation’s growth has been powered by the victory of 25 crore people in the battle against poverty. These are people who had suffered decades of deprivation of even basic necessities. Today, not only are they benefiting from our saturation approach in basic needs like bank accounts, gas connections, toilets, water, electricity, etc, but they are also being empowered with new-age facilities like optic fibre connections, digital solutions, drones, etc. The nation’s growth has come from the drastic socio-economic transformation seen in the lives of women, farmers, fisherfolks, street vendors, small entrepreneurs, SC, ST and OBC communities. They are being directly empowered through the power of technology such as the JAM trinity. Farmers have been a backbone of our nation’s progress. Whether it is historic MSP hikes, massive rise in procurement or making fertilisers available to them inexpensively despite globally high prices, direct income support through PM-KISAN, safety net of Fasal Bima, renewed focus on millets, expanded access to local and global markets, a number of steps have been taken to empower them. Our Annadatas are also becoming Urjadatas due to the PM KUSUM scheme. Empowered by our Beej Se Bazar Tak approach, our farmers have done wonders for the country. The nation’s growth has been fueled by our focus on Vikas and Virasat. India has been setting new benchmarks in growth of both ecology and economy.

The nation’s growth has been fueled by the achievements of our youth who have not only dared to dream big but also worked to realise dreams in various domains such as space, sports and start-ups. In the last ten years, whether it is education, employment or entrepreneurship, crores of new opportunities have been created for our youth. It is deeply emotional for each Bharatiya Janata Party karyakarta, including me, to be involved in this momentous journey as enablers of every Indian’s aspirations. During an address from the ramparts of the Red Fort, I had said – Yahi Samay Hai, Sahi Samay Hai. Today, many respected voices across the globe are also saying that this is India’s time. In fact, today, India is being seen as an important player in the global efforts to create a better future. Making the best use of this historic time period needs us to be proactive. The proactive nature of our approach is such that we have already worked on a plan of the decisions to be taken in the first 100 days of the new government. At such a time, when our nation is ready to take off into a new phase of exponential growth, the Amrit Kaal, we seek your blessings for the roadmap that we are unveiling for the next five years. In the next five years, we will take our nation into the top 3 economies of the world, launch a final and decisive assault against poverty, open up newer avenues of growth in various sectors, further intensify our battle against corruption, unveil the next generation of reforms, and take a number of pro-people decisions and actions. Our Sankalp Patra is more than just a collection of promises. This Sankalp Patra outlines the collective aspirations and goals of our nation, by our nation and for our nation. As you have seen in the last ten years, it is Modi’s Guarantee that every promise made is fulfilled. In 2014, we received your support to bring in a monumental transformation. In 2019, we received an even bigger mandate and ensured continued development and took big decisions. In the next five years, with your blessings, it is Modi’s Guarantee that we will work 24 by 7 for 2047. Your aspiration is our mission. Your dreams are our responsibility. Let us create a nation that future generations will be proud of! Vande Mataram! Your Pradhan Sevak, Narendra Modi.