Mind your business, Meera Mithun tells Bharathiraja

Meera Mithu has slammed Bharathiraja after the veteran filmmaker condemned the actress and Bigg Boss participant for her comments against actors including Vijay and Suriya.

She has asked the director to not to interfere in her matters. Meera has alleged that Bharathiraja insisted that her scenes from the movie Namma Veettu Pilai starring Sivakarthikeyan were cut.

She has claimed that director Pandiraj informed her that the veteran director wished so. She tweeted: “I don’t do anything for fame, Stop portraying me as bad to the society being a senior citizen of India .”

She added: “Please give a call to @actorvijay @Suriya_offl and enquire what all they have done till date harassing me on social media with Rowdyism in the name of fan club heads.:

In a statement, Bharathiraja said, “Vijay and Suriya have reached such heights in the film industry with strong foundation and hard work. In this glamorous industry, they both have been living an honourable life with their beautiful family. Meera Mithun has been insulting them with her unkind words.

As a senior member of the industry it’s my duty to condemn her. She has to stop her immature behaviour to gain publicity. Meera, you have a long life ahead of you. You should start working hard and change your attitude and try to achieve something in your life. I

am upset that none of the film associations have condemned this act by her. I also request online media houses to stop promoting news about her insulting actors. I have also been noticing fans of stars making obscene statements against actresses.

Kasthuri is a victim of such incidents. Actors shouldn’t maintain silence in such cases as it is not affecting them personally. They should discipline their fans and make sure they act accordingly without hurting others.”