Mersal magician says he was not paid for Vijay film

Mersal magician says he was not paid for Vijay film

Over a year after Vijay’s Mersal’s release, magician Raman Sharma has revealed that Thenandal Films, the producers of the movie, are yet to pay him

In Atlee-Vijay’s last movie together, Mersal, Vijay played three roles- Vetrimaaran, a do-gooder, his elder son Maaran who is a doctor, and second son called Vetri, who is a magician.

Raman Sharma took to his Twitter page to share the screenshot of his WhatsApp conversation with Thenandal Films’ CEO Murali Ramasamy and alleged that the production house owes him nearly 4 lakh rupees.

Raman Sharma also posted a video pleading the producers to pay him for the work he has done in the film. The video and tweets of Raman have become viral on social networking sites. Fans of Vijay and netizens are also raising questions to Hema Rukmani, wife Murali Ramsamy to solve this issue.

In a video, he said, “I helped director Atlee to organise the entire portion that involves Vijay performing magic. I gave 5 months of my life to Mersal and here I am in Canada, 14 or 15 months after the film’s release and I still haven’t gotten paid.

This video is for Thenandal Films. It’s been a very stressful process for me to try and get my money back. When I met them, they were really sweet and I never hesitated once to come to India just so I could make this movie the best. 14 months later, Mr Murali of Thenandal Films is ignoring my phone calls.”

The Canada-based magician stated that the production house owes him Rs 4 lakhs and that he’ll deal with this issue legally.